D66 leader threatened with death; to give statement in court

Alexander Pechtold, D66D66 leader Alexander Pechtold

D66 leader Alexander Pechtold is giving a statement in court today about a death threat made against him. This is the appeal in a case surrounding a death threat made in September 2015. Pechtold will tell the court how the threat affected him, NOS report.

The threat involved a a Facebook post showing the picture of a hand holding a gun and the text: "Pechtold, you should get a head shot." The D66 leader reported the threat in October last year.

A 50-year-old man from Woldendorp was arrested, but was acquitted and released. He said that he could not remember in what context he posted the threat. The judge ruled that it was not a criminal threat. "There is no reasonable fear that he really would kill Pechtold. 

The Public Prosecutor appealed. Pechtold is speaking in court today at the prosecutor's request.