Video: Man taken hostage in small town; No tips reported

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The police are still looking for information about the abduction of a man in Nunspeet on Friday. The 53-year-old man is back at home. But his car - a black Mercedes Benz E500 4Matic - is still missing. No tips were received by Sunday night, a police spokesperson said to newspaper AD.

Video footage show Ronald Maurits being abducted from Doornspijk in Nunspeet on Friday morning. The video shows three balaclava wearing men. Two carry Maurits into a black car. One then drives off with Maurits car, another in the black car now containing the victim and a third gets into a black Mercedes van, which also drives off. A car believed to be used in the kidnapping was found burning in a parking lot in Noord Brabant later on Friday.

Maurits turned up at his home on Friday night. According to him, the kidnappers realized they took the wrong person and let him go. His wife told AD that Maurits thought the kidnappers were police officers - they had badges and everything. 

The police consider this a serious abduction. So far no information was released regarding a possible motive. No arrests were made.