Gay man's cheekbone broken, boyfriend beaten in Amsterdam assault


An 18-year-old man sustained a broken cheekbone when he and his boyfriend were attacked by a group of young people in Amsterdam early on Saturday morning. According to the police, the attack was not an anti-gay hate crime, Het Parool reports.

The couple was walking along the Spiegelgracht around 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning when a group of young people shouted "homo" at them. The couple responded to the insult by approaching the group, according to the newspaper.

A fight erupted. One of the young men was punched several times. When his boyfriend tried to intervene, he was pushed to the ground. He fell with his head hitting the street and breaking his cheekbone. 

The police are looking for witnesses. The suspects are a group of white youths, around the age of 20. There were two men and two women. One of the suspects wore a Canadian Goose brand coat. 


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