Sinterklaas eve to be coldest in two decades

Sinterklaas better remember his thermal underwear this year, because the upcoming Sinterklaas eve is set to be the coldest December 5th since 1995. Temperatures are expecter to drop to -5 degrees in the early evening already, according to Weerplaza. Sunday evening will also be cold.

Monday, December 5th, is expected to by sunny, with a moderate easterly wind brining in cold air. Maximum temperatures will be around 4 degrees. But once the sun goes down around 4:30 p.m., temperatures will drop quickly. 

While this Sinterklaas eve is expected to be very cold, it is not the coldest in Dutch history. On December 5th, 1925 temperatures dropped to -10.7 degrees in De Bilt. The mildest one was in 2006, when maximum tempartures rose to 15 degrees.