Poem handwritten by Anne Frank goes up for auction

Anne Frank 1929-1945 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons). (Anne Frank 1929-1945 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons))

A poem handwritten by Anne Frank on March 28th, 1942 will soon be auctioned offat auction house Bubb Kuper in Haarlem on Wednesday. The starting price is 30 thousand euros, NOS reports.

Anne Frank wrote the poem for a poetery album her friend Christiane van Maarssen was making. Her sister jacqueline van Maarssen - Anne's best friend - put the poem up for sale. The poem consists of eight lines, is addressed to (translated to English) "Dear Cri-Cri" and ends with the words "In memory of Anne Frank." 

The person who buys the poem will receive a certificate of authenticity with a message from Jacqueline van Maarrssen with it. "My sister, who bore the nickname Cri-Cri, tore the page from her poetry writing and gave it to me in 1970", Jacqueline writes. "I know that my sister was not so attached to this verse that Anne wrote to her as I a attached to the verste that Anne wrote to e. that's why I'm offering it for sale now."

According to the director of the auction house, it is almost unique for a writing by Anne Frank to hit the market. "This is so rare that I've never seen it before", Thys Blankevoort said to the broadcaster. In the past decades, there were only four or five cases of hand written documents by Anne Frank being found, except for her diary.