Missing Dutch teens spotted in Spain

Femke Lucas and Sam Bruijs, missing from Bergen op Zoom since 15 Nov 2016. Believed to be in Malaga, Spain
Femke Lucas and Sam Bruijs, missing from Bergen op Zoom since 15 Nov 2016. Believed to be in Malaga, SpainWilma van den Bergh / Facebook

Two 16-year-old Dutch girls have been missing since Tuesday. The authorities believe that Femke Lucas and Sam Bruijs from Bergen op Zoom took a bus to Eindhoven Airport on Tuesday and then flew to Malaga in southern Spain. They were last seen there on surveillance camera footage, Omroep Brabant reports.

Why the two girls suddenly decided to go to Spain remains a mystery, for the police and their families. At this stage the police believe that the two aren't in any trouble, but they are taking the matter seriously.

According to Angelica van der Heijden, speaking on behalf of Femke's family, there is no apparent reason for the girls to go to Spain. "They are two friends and classmates, they go to the same high school. They are quiet girls, with many friends. Therefore what happened is a big question mark for us", she said to the Telegraaf. The girls never ran away before, have no connection with Malaga, left their phones and computers at home and went with very little baggage.

"All traces point to Spain", police spokesperson Willem-Jan Uytdehage said to Omroep Brabant. The girls were last seen getting on a bus at an airport in Spain. One of the girls also used their debit card there. "These are not girls with a runaway past. Whatever their motives are to just leave, we are now investigating. Of course we are also talking to family and friends. Find out if friends, boyfriends or whoever, heard something about their plans." According to Uydehage, it is remarkable that the girls traveled with so little luggage. "There is talk about a 'cowboy bag', whic is the only baggage they are carrying."

At this stage there is no evidence that anyone else is involved in the girls' disappearance. "But we're not excluding any scenario", according to the police. The girls are now registered as missing in both the Netherlands and Spain. Photos and descriptions of the teenagers are being spread througout Malaga. Family and friends are also spreading flyers on social media.

Femke wears braces and is probably dressedin jeans, black sneakers and amint green faux leather jacket. She had a charcoal gray "cowboy bag" with her. Sam also wore jeans with a blue or silver bomber jacket and black allstars.

"What we have heard is that they don't have much money with them, so they are probably not sleeping in a hotel. But if they are in the city, we will find them sooner or later", a spokesperson for the Malaga police said to the Telegraaf.