Amsterdam opts for mostly non-blackface Piet's at Sinterklaas arrival

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At least 75 percent of the Zwarte Piet's in Amsterdam will not be wearing the traditional blacface makeup at Sinterklaas arrival in the city on November 13th, Pam Evenhuis said to as spokesperson for the Sinterklaas organizing committee in the Dutch captial.

According to Evenhuis, there was a meeting about Zwarte Piet on Tuesday and the decision was made that most of the Pieten will not be wearing the traditional black makeup. There will be many so-called Chimney Pieten - Piet's with soot marks on their face, like RTL is using this year.

The committee is setting the line at 75 percent non-blackface Piet's. But the Zwarte Pieten can choose for themselves how they want to look. "People are tired of the discussion around Sinterklaas and our Pieten", Evenhuis said to the newspaper.

Amsterdam decided in 2014 that the appearance of Zwarte Piet will be changed in the city. Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said that over several years Zwarte Piet will be stripped of "possilbe to experience as negative stereotyping." Last year half of the Zwarte Pieten in the city were covered in soot instead of blackface makeup.