Amsterdam restaurant hit in shooting

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Multiple shots were fired at restaurant Greenhouse Kitchen on Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam during the early hours of Monday morning. The police cordoned off the area for invstigation. No one was in the restaurant when the shooting happened and as far as is known, no one got hurt, Het Parool reports.

A local resident reported hearing gun shots on the street around 3:30 a.m. The police investigated, but saw nothing suspicious. Only when an employee opened the restaurant's front door on Monday morning, were two bullet holes found in the window.

According to the newspaper, Greenhouse Kitchen is run by the daughter of the owner of coffeeshop chain The Greenhouse. You can't buy hashish or cannabis at the Greenhouse Kitchen, but you are allowed to consume soft drugs in the restaurant.

It is unclear whether this shooting is related to a series of shootings aimed at coffeeshops in Amsterdam this past year. Since October last year, 7 coffeeshops were ordered closed after a shooting.

Maurice Veldman, lawyer of the restaurant owner, told Het Parool that the motive behind the shooting is unclear. "We do not know why it happened, but it is definitely not extortino", he said.