Arnhem school director threatened over Zwarte Piet

Chimney Piet
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Rob Bleumink, school director of primary school De Boomhut in Arnhem, received several threats after he announced his intention to no longer allow blackface Zwarte Piet at his school. Hundreds of people verbally attacked and threatened him online, AD reports.

Comments include "Kill that asshole" and "Shoot him". A photo of Bleumink was posted on with the text: "This is Rob Bleumink director of De Boomhut school and he does not want ZWARTE Piet at school". The post was shared 4,500 times. It was also posted on the Facebook page "Geert Wilders EliteSupport Group", where hundreds of people wrote angry responses directed at Bleumink.

De Boomhut is one of 39 primary schools in Arnhem that fall nder DeBasisFluvius. The group is considering pressing charges. All schools in this group will adjust Zwarte Piet by 2018. "DeBasisFluvius also received nasty comments via Twitter and email", a spokesperson said to AD. "With this policy we are not making a political statement, society is changing and requires a new interpretation of the party. Through the years the party was already modified. Our schools are looking at how they can reflect this change in the coming years, taking into account the neighborhood and parents' wishes. It's a celebration for children and it sould stay that way."