Netherlands drops three spots on gender equality rankings

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The Netherlands dropped three places on the Global Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum. The Index measures the equality between men and woman in 144 countries, ANP reports.

The Netharlands is now in 16th place, which is below countries like Rwanda, Burundi and Nicaragua. In compiling the index the researchers looked at differences between men and women in a coutry when it comes to economic participation, access to education, politicial influence and health and life expectancy.

"The Netherlands made no progress in the area of employment and income equality." the authors conclude. "The Netherlands still scores better than the worldwide average, but is increasingly running behind other highly competitive markets such as Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland."

Women in the Netherlands participate less in the labor market than men - 74 percent of women and 85 percent of men. Women primarily have the part time jobs - 64 percent of women and 30 percent of men. And women still earn significantly less - minus 52 percent. Even in equivalent positions women earn 32 percent less than men in the Netherlands. And only 26 percent of managerial positions in the country are filled by women.