Another coffeeshop targeted in Amsterdam shooting

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Another coffeeshop was the target of an overnight shooting in Amsterdam. At least three shots were fired at coffeeshop Vondel on Overtoom during the early hours of Tuesday morning, AT5 reports.

The coffeeshop was already closed when the shooting happened. It is unclear whether anyone was still in the building. The police are at the scene investigating.

Last week coffeeshop Blue Lagoon on the same street was also the target of a shooting, the latest in a series of such shootings. In September coffeeshop on Klovenieburgwal was taken under fire. Before that coffeeshops Roxy, , De Kroon and were all shot at.

Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan closed down all of these coffeeshops. It is not yet clear whether the same fate awaits Vondel