Two thirds of Dutch unemployed back at work within a year

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Two thirds of unemployed people in the Netherlands manage to find another job within a year, according to figures from benefits agency UWV. The unemployed are benefiting from increasing job opportunities on the Dutch labor market, the Telegraaf reports. 

65 percent of all persons on unemployment benefits in 2014 found a job within a year. In 2012 that was 60 percent.

The differences between the sectors remain large, according to the UWV. Freelancers are the best performing group, with 80 percent back at work within the year. People working in finance have the hardest time, with only 40 percent finding work within a year.

People over 50 still have a hard time finding work. Only 4 in ten of them were back at work within a year of becoming unemployed. In the 35 to 45 years age group that figure was 63 percent. For young people up to 25 years that figure was 90 percent.

About half of the unemployed who found work, went to work in another sector. This is especially true for the financial services - 85 percent did not find a new job in finances.