Satudarah members banned from Amsterdam's Rembrandt square

A group of people affiliated with motorcycle gang Satudarah were banned from stepping on the Rembrandt square in Amsterdam for three months, Het Parool reports. This follows a fight in club Nasty on the Thorbeckeplein, according to the newspaper.

The fight happened on September 12th, reportedly because Satudarah members were denied access to the club. Those involved assaulted a doorman, forced their way into the cluba nd caused a lot of damage. Employees and guests were threatened and intimidated.

A total of four people were arrested. Two of the are full members of the motorcycle gang. The others are so-called prospects - aspiring members. Area bans were now issued to 12 men, most of whom are involved were Satudarah.

According to Het Parool, one of the arrested suspects was Amsterdam man Etou's Belseran. He is one of the leading figures within the outlaw motorcycle gang and was present at the brawl.