Homophobic flyer causes uproar in Amsterdam

Christian Petermann (Photo: @CP_4_Heerlen/Twitter)Christian Petermann (Photo: @CP_4_Heerlen/Twitter)

A homophobic flyer left in post boxes in Amsterdam-West and Nieuw West on Sunday caused quite an uproar in the Dutch capital. The police are investigating the origin of this anti-gay flyer.

It is not yet clear how many people received the flyer. The police received about 20 reports about it on Sunday, according to ANP.

The flyer urges Muslims, Christians and Jews to unite against homosexuality. It quotes tests from the bible, the Torah and the Koran. "According to Judaism, Christianity and Islam homosexuality is forbidden", the flyer reads. It also states that  29 percent of children who are raised by gay parents are sexually abused.

The flyer refers to a Facebook page about an English case in which a Romanian father revealed the identity of a gay couple who wanted to adopt his children, according to the news wire.

The police are investigating to find out who is behind the flyer.

Both parliamentarian Ahmed Marcouch and COC, the organization that stands up for gay rights in the Netherlands, calls on Amsterdam residents to report receiving such a flyer. COC President Tanja Ineke calls what the flyer says "disgusting falsehoods", the Telegraaf reports.