Politicians demand more Amsterdam police after four fatal shootings

Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie)

Amsterdam politicians are calling for more and better trained police on the streets after four fatal shootings in the city in a week's time, Het Parool reports. 

After a period of relevant quiet, violence erupted again in Amsterdam late last week and early this week. Four people were killed and four people were injured in shootings. No arrests were made.

Jan Pateernotte, D66 leader in Amsterdam, wonders whether the city's police are sufficiently equipped to take on organized crime. "I hear from officers that the reorganization into the national police was approached without fought. Because of that the police are less agile, wile the criminals are just that", he said to the newspaper.

PvdA city councilor Sofyan Mbarki is concerned about the fact that no suspects are in custody. "We always hear that there are many more police officers on the streets than before. I am curious how this relates to the fact that we are apparently not on time to arrest people. Did we give up effectiveness?" Mbarki thinks more diversity is what the police need. "There is a mono-culture, while customization is what's needed."

PvdA parliamentarian Ahmed Marcouch repeated his call for better police training and more diversity. SP city councilor Peter Kwint is worried about the sharp decline in police officers of an ethnic minority since the National Police took over the selection process.

On Monday 24-year-old Isilnando Kammeron was gunned down near AMC hospital in Amsterdam. The gunman fled on a bicycle in the direction of Holendrecht station. He was wearing a red jacket and a hat. Numerous police units and a helicopter searched the area for the man, but were unable to find him.

Last Saturday afternoon Djordy Latumahina was gunned down in the parking lot beneath his home on Koningin Wilhelminaplein. His girlfriend was seriously injured. Their 2-year-old daughter witnessed the shooting, but was not injured.

Earlier on Saturday a 44-year-old man was shot in killed in a fight in Amsterdam-West. Two other men, age 44 and 50, were injured. According to the police, the victims in both shootings aren’t involved in serious crime.

And on Tuesday last week 42-year-old Amsterdam criminal R.S. was gunned down in sight of a primary school and its students in Osdorp.


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