Ronald McDonald disappears from view in wake of "killer clown" sightings in Netherlands

Dutch branches of fast food chain McDonald's decided to remove clown mascot Ronald McDonald from public view for the time being now that the "killer clown" phenomena popped up in the Netherlands, ANP reports. 

Following the example of the United States, the Netherlands' McDonald's believes it inappropriate to have the clown in stores at the moment. "We're hanging his suit in the closet for the time being", a spokesperson for the company said on Wednesday, according to the news wire.

The killer clown phenomena also came to the Netherlands from the United States. So-called killer clowns were spotted scaring passersby and children in both Almere and Oss over the past days. Both clowns were wearing frightening makeup and armed with a knife. The one in Oss also had a hammer.

The police departments in Almere and Oss are investigating.