Another “killer clown” spotted in Netherlands

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A so-called killer clown was spotted in the Oss neighborhood of Ruwaard on Monday and Tuesday, the Oss police announced on Facebook. This one was walking around with a knife a hammer.  "Possibly you were not aware, but it is illegal to play the 'clown' in this way. We want you to know that we are taking the matter very seriously", the police write to the killer clown n Facebook. "For the safety of bystanders, and our own safety, we might approach you with means of violence. With all its possible consequences. We want to prevent those situations and want to seriously advise you to immediately stop your 'jokes'." These killer clowns have been a trend in the United States for some time. They’ve also been spotted in Australia, New Zealand and France. The first reports of killer clowns in the Netherlands came from Almere over the weekend.

The intent of these clowns seem to be to scare, not actually attack.