Football clubs cancel practices on artificial turf over health risk fears


A number of amateur football clubs are cancelling matches and practices on artificial turf fields after reports that they may contain carcinogenic substances, AD reports. 

Football associations in Maarssen, Amersfoort and Zwijndrecht are refusing to play on artificial turf, according to the newspaper. The Zwijndrecht club cancelled its practices for Thursday. Clubs in Eindhoven are considering closing the artificial turf fields.

In Den Dolder a school stopped its students' practice on the local club's artificial field. And the city of Gorinchem suspended the construction of an artificial turf field.

Earlier this week TV program Zembla reported that rubber granules used in 90 percent of the artificial turf fields in the Netherlands may be hazardous to the health of athletes. The rubber granules are made of old car tires, which may contain carcinogenic substances. According to the program, the RIVM did not properly investigate these granules and artificial turf has been linked to leukemia.

Dutch football association KNVB called for further investigation into artificial turf. But until further information disproves it, the association is relying on the RIVM's assessment that it is safe to play on the artificial turf, according to the newspaper.


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