Paris Attacks terrorists planned assault on Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport: report

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The group of terrorists who committed attacks in Paris on November 13th last year, also wanted to attack Schiphol. Two members of the group even traveled to the airport in Amsterdam on that day, French newspaper Le Monde reports. It is unclear why the attack did not happen, NOS reports.

In September CNN already reported that ISIS was also planning an attack in the Netherlands on November 13th. The French Prosecutor now has more information.

The authorities managed to break into one suspect's laptop. On it they found a folder titled "13 November". It consisted of five parts, one of which was called "Schiphol". The other four parts referred to attacks committed in Paris - Le Bataclan, the Stade de France and terraces - and "Underground".

According to the French authorities, terror suspects Soefien A. and Osama K. got on a Eurolines bus in Brussels with a one way ticket to the Netherlands on November 13th. They traveled back to Brussels that same day. It is not clear why. It is also unclear whether they ever made it to Amsterdam.

Soefien A. was arrested in Molenbeek on March 18th. Osama K. was arrested in Anderlecht on April 8th.

The Dutch Public Prosecutor told NOS that this story has been known for some time. So far there was no reason for an investigation in the Netherlands. Extra security measures were implemented at Schiphol Airport this summer.