Another incident Groningen student union criticized for hazing

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A member of Groningen student union Vindicat shot at the Vindicat house with an air rifle on Monday. The association advised the residents of the house to report it to the police. The board will also take internal measures, GIC reports. 

This is the third incident involving Vinidicat in as many weeks. Two weeks ago a so-called "bang list" of Vindicat members was circulating on the internet. It featured the photos, names and telephone numbers of female members. It also had a rating on how sexy they are.

Last week a prospective member ended up in hospital with a brain injury. He was injured during hazing. Apparently by another student standing on his head. The Public Prosecutor launched a criminal investigation into the incident.

Vindicat also stated that they agree the decision for to investigate. They will fully cooperate with the Public Prosecutor. The members who were involved were suspended for as long as the investigation takes.

According to Vindicat, the victim is doing well under the circumstances. The union has regular contact with him and his family. He is still under  medical supervision