Dog killed, man injured in Amsterdam fight

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A dog was killed and a man was injured in a fight on Afrikaner Square in Amsterdam-Oost on Monday night. The police are investigating what happened, AT5 reports. 

The dog, Gece, was attacked by another dog, the owner said to the broadcaster "I was walking with my dog on a leash on the street. Out of nowhere a loosed dog ran up to us and bit Gece in his neck. He would not let go."

A man was also injured in the skirmish. Exactly how is unclear. As is the extent of his injuries.

The police are investigating. "It could be that the dog was bitten by another dog, but it can also be that the dog was stabbed or beaten", a spokesperson said to the broadcaster.

The Afrikaner square was restless after the incident. But the police managed to restore calm.