Amsterdam criminal targeted in Osdorp shooting

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A man wounded in a shooting in Osdorp on Tuesday morning was identified as Amsterdam criminal R.S., according to Het Parool. A number of primary school children witnessed the shooting at around 8:40 a.m.

According to Het Parool, 42-year-old R.S. is well known in the Amsterdam underworld for serious crime. He was shot while walking from his home to his car on Iwan Kantemanplein, in sight of primary school Horizon. In an attempt to escape, he ran back into his home via a dead-end alley.

The police are looking for the perpetrators - two men dressed in black. They fled on a three-wheel scooter after the shooting. According to the newspaper, the scooter was found burning on Ladogameerhof not long after the shooting.

The victim was hit in the arm. His condition is not life threatening.