Video: Football fan beaten, falls over railing at Willem II v. Feyenoord match

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A league match between Willem II and Feyenoord was temporarily stopped on Sunday after fans started fighting each other in the stands. One fan was beaten up by several others and fell over the stands' railing, Omroep Brabant reports.

The extent of the man's injuries is unclear. He was carried out of the stadium through one of the stands behind the goal.

Two Willem II supporters were arrested, the police announced on Twitter on Sunday. One of them turned himself in. According to Omroep Brabant, the victim came from Berkel-Enschot. Presumably this would make him a Willem II supporter, which means he was attacked from fans of his own team.

Willem II released a statement saying that the club regrets the incident. "We distance ourselves from all forms of violence", the statement reads. "Even sadder is that the violence happened in front of children's stand K and stand J, which means many children witnessed the violence."

Willem II players and Feyenoord captain Dirk Duyt tried to calm the fans down when they noticed what happened.

The match was restarted about five minutes later. Willem II lost 0-2.