Two-week emergency decree implemented in Maassluis neighborhood

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Maassluis mayor Edo Haan decided to implement an emergency decree in the neighborhood of Burgemeesterswijk on Tuesday night. The emergency decree will be in effect for two weeks, RTL Nieuws reports.

A gang of young people caused havoc in the neighborhood over the past weeks, with problems ranging from noise to vandalism and threats. Local residents are threatening to take matters into their own hands.

Mayor Haan hopes that the emergency decree will help restore peace in the neighborhood. During the next two weeks, no one will be allowed into the neighborhood without good reason. There is also a ban on assembly and you are not allowed to go about with your face covered.

Earlier on Tuesday PVV leader Geert Wilders paid a visit to "victims of Moroccan terrorism" in the neighborhood, he wrote on Twitter. According to Wilders, residents' windows are smashed, they're threatened and their cars are vandalized. "Moroccan scum must be removed from the streets. Into prison and out of the country. It is our country! And exit with those cowardly PvdA mayors in Maassluis and Zaandam", he writes in another tweet.


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