Dutch parliament wants quick debate on MH17 investigation results

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A proposal by the VVD and PvdA to have a debate on the preliminary results of the MH17 criminal investigation received broad support from Dutch parliamentarians. The coalition partners feel it important to discuss the consequences, now that it has been clearly established that flight MH17 was shot down by a a BUK missile from Russia fired from a field controlled by pro-Russian separatists, AD reports. 

"Unbelievable patience is being asked from the relatives. But today a very important step was taken", VVD MP Han ten Broeke said, according to the newspaper. The net is closing in on the culprits, though painfully slowly. We now know what happened and how it happened, but not by whom. This is again a matter for the long haul. But based on the impressive work they've already done, the JIT deserves our trust in this. And the eventual trial for the perpetrators is worth the wait."

"Today was confirmed what we suspected for some time: flight MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile, filed from a by separatists controlled area and transported to and from Russia", PvdA parliamentarian Michiel Servaes commented. "This attack on 298 innocent people, including 196 compatriots, must not go unpunished. It's up to the Public Prosecutor and the Joint Investigation Team to complete the criminal investigation, identify the suspects and consider how a successful trial is to take place." He added that the PvdA is demanding maximum cooperation from all those involved. "As for the PvdA, the full cooperation of all countries concerned is required in this. It must be clear that the lack of this will have consequences. With convincing proof the Public Prosecutor and JIT took an important step to get all the facts on the table about what exactly happened on July 17th, 2014 and who is responsible."

"Today is an important day for the survivors, a major step towards the truth", D66 parliamentarian Sjoerd Sjoerdsma said. "After thorough investigation by the JIT perpetrators are now finally in the picture and the firing location is known. This puts an end to all bizarre Russian conspiracy theories. Russia did everything in their power to frustrate the investigation. But it is crucial that Russia stops this and fully cooperates in the investigation. It is now important that there is clarity as soon as possible about the strategy for the further prosecution of the perpetrators.This strategy can not be lacking for too long."