Train workers threaten strike over removal of 2nd conductor from double-decker trains

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Union FNV is threatening NS with labor actions including strikes if the railway company goes through with its plan to remove the second conductor from some double-decker trains. The union gave NS an ultimatum to meet their demands by September 23rd, or actions that will inconvenience travelers will follow, the Telegraaf reports.

"Our urgent requirement is two conductors on all double-deckers, necessary to reduce freeloaders. Otherwise the social security will continue to deteriorate and no one wants that", union official Andries van den Berg said, according to the newspaper.

According to Van den Berg, NS is going against the wishes of the works council and the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, with this decision to only have one conductor on some double-decker trains from next year's timetable. He calls it "unacceptable".

"The Tweede Kamer wants everyone in public transport to work on measures against freeloaders and aggressive types. Then you should not cut back on train personnel, even apart from the physical strain in double-deckers."