Many Dutch confused about healthcare deductibles

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More and more Dutch are confused about what exactly falls under the healthcare deductibles they have to pay, according to a study done by TNS NIPO on behalf of health insurer VGZ, ANP reports.

Only 53 percent of the 800 respondents knew that a visit to the doctor is excluded from the healthcare deductibles, compared to 68 percent last year. More than a quarter do not know that the deductible will have to be paid for a visit to the emergency room in the hospital. And only 26 percent knew that co-insured children are excluded from the deductible, compared to 37 percent last year.

A massive 73 percent of Dutch are okay with a compulsory deductible in healthcare, but thin the amount should be reduced to 212 euros, instead of the current 385 euros. The survey also showed that 10 percent postponed getting treatment to save on the deductible.