Three thousand dive into canals for Amsterdam City Swim

Amsterdam City Swim, 11 Sept 2016 (Photo: @Mechielversluis/Twitter)Amsterdam City Swim, 11 Sept 2016 (Photo: @Mechielversluis/Twitter)

More than 3 thousand people took part in the fifth anniversary edition of the Amsterdam city swim on Sunday. They swam 2 kilometers through the Amsterdam canals to raise money for research into the currently incurable nerve and muscle disease ALS, ANP reports.

A total of 1.9 million euros were raised by the swim. The organization called it a "very successful edition". Last year the swim raised 1.8 million euros.

An Amsterdam Late Night City Swim was also organized for Friday, in honor of the anniversary edition. This involved a 100 meter spring in the Keizers canal.

In both swims Olympic champion Ferry Weertma was the fastest swimmer.