Rapper arrested for unrest in Tilburg

The police arrested a well-known rapper in Rotterdam in connection with unrest in Tilburg on Sunday night. There the police stopped a brawl between the supporters of two rappers, Boef and Para Soma, NOS reports 

The rapper arrested in Rotterdam is one of the two mentioned above. According to NRC, it was Boef that was arrested. He is facing charges of sedition.

Images on the internet show the two rappers fighting with each other over an ongoing feud on social media. On Sunday night Boef showed up at Para Soma's house in Tilburg and the two came to blows, according to NOS.

Around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday the police received a tip of a mass brawl brewing in Tilburg. Shortly after several calls came in from Tilburg-Noord about a group of over 100 people walking the streets armed with sticks. The police managed to intervene before it turned into a fight.