Prosecutor: Efteling not a specific terrorism target

Amusement park Efteling was never a specific target for a terrorist attack, the Public Prosecutor said on Thursday in response to reports by a local newspaper that the park was mentioned in discussions of terrorist attacks.

These reports related to the arrest of a 25-year-old woman from Werkendam on suspicion of participation in an organization with the aim of committing terrorist offenses. According to the newspaper, she discussed the idea of Efteling as a target for an attack with other female ISIS sympathizers. "The Netherlands should get a gift similar to what the brothers did in Paris and Brussels."

The Prosecutor stated that the threats against the amusement park was never concrete. "The Efteling was never a concrete target in the investigation into an arrested 25-year-old woman from Werkendam. This can be concluded from the criminal investigation. There was no threat", the Prosecutor said.