Netherlands ’17 budget leaks: More money for counterterror, child poverty

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The Dutch government is investing more money to help poor families, the elderly and partners of the chronically ill. The government is also pushing extra money into Defense, according to leaked Budget Day documents RTL Nieuws managed to get hold of.

The government is putting a massive 1.1 billion euros side next year for "balancing purchasing power". According to RTL, the budget for the care allowance, rent allowance, elderly discount and child linked budget are increasing. Almost everyone will see an increase in their purchasing power next year, though the government is ensuring that low-income families benefit most.

For next year and subsequent years, the government plans to spend 1.5 billion euros extra, so 300 million euros more than the 1.2 billion euros that was announced before the summer. This money will be invested mainly into healthcare, education and security.

The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports is getting 400 million euros extra on a structural basis. According to the broadcaster, this will be used to reverse controversial cuts to, among other things, nursing home care.

The Ministry of Security and Justice is getting 450 million euros extra. That will be sued for counterterrorism, more neighborhood police officers, the fight against cybercrime, the Netherlands Forensic Institute and border protection.

Defense is getting 300 million euros extra for new ammunition, equipment, fuel, improving communication and more training for the armed forces.

The government is allocating 100 million euros for fighting child poverty. The money is intended to help children in poor families be able to afford swimming lessons, school trips, sport equipment, school supplies and clothing.

Education is getting an extra 200 million euros. 50 million euros is being allocated to single income households with a chronically ill partner. The intelligence and security services are getting 20 million extra. And professional sport is getting 10 million euros.