Dutch news crew threatened by Turkish youths

An area cordoned off by police
An area cordoned off by policecakifotoDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

A camera man and reporter for SBS6 program Hart van Nederland was threatened by a group of Turkish youths in the Zaandam neighborhood of Poelenburg on Thursday. The news team was working on a story about nuisance and harassment at a nearby shopping center when the young men confronted them, according to the Telegraaf.

According to the reporter, they were just done with a local resident when the situation became threatening. A group of about eight young men made it clear that the camera team should "fuc off" out of the neighborhood. They also threatened to get her at work and at home. "Even if it takes 365 days, I will find your address", one of them said. The news team then left the neighborhood.

The reporter told ANP that she understands why residents avoid the shopping center. "I would certainly not go there if I lived there", she said to the news wire.

The broadcaster contacted the municipality and police about the incident and is considering pressing charges.

This incident happened less than a week after Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on television that Turkish-Dutch who threaten journalists should leave and go back to Turkey. The Turkish government issued a statement calling what Rutte said inappropriate, but the Dutch Prime Minister is sticking to his words.

A video of what happened can be seen here.