Pegida frontman removed from Amsterdam court over swastika shirt

Pegida demonstration in Apeldoorn, Jan 17th, 2016 (Photo: @PegidaNederland/Twitter). (Pegida demonstration in Apeldoorn, Jan 17th, 2016 (Photo: @PegidaNederland/Twitter))

Pegida frontman Edwin Wagensveld and another member were removed from the court in Amsterdam by the police because they were wearing shirts with a picture of a swastika. They were both arrested, reports.

The image on the shirt was the same as on a flag  for during a Pegida demonstration in Amsterdam, and the same as the image that can be seen on the banner above. He was fined 250 euros, but refused to pay it. Which is why he appeared in court on Thursday.

Showing a swastika is against the court's house rules, which means that the shirts in question were not allowed inside. Wagensveld was told that he could only enter if he removes the shirt. Which he and the woman also arrested refused to do, despite several requests.

"Some listened to this, but the two that were arrested refused. They were offered the choice again in the police van, but again refused. They were then taken away and are being questioned at this time", a police spokesperson said to

"The next time I'll simply wear it again", Wagensveld said to news wire ANP as he was escorted out of court. "With this I speak out against Nazism, the PKK, Anti-Fascist Action and ISIS."