German tourists mistaken for Red Army fugitives, arrested

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Two German tourists were arrested in the Dutch town of Medemblik on Wednesday afternoon after they were mistaken for fugitive members of German terrorist group Red Army Faction, the police said in a statement on Thursday.

The police received a tip that three people were seen around Vooroever that match the descriptions of the three former RAF members believed to be hiding in the Netherlands. As these fugitives are considered armed and dangerous, officers were immediately sent to investigate.

The three persons, two men and a woman, did indeed match the age and description of the fugitives. They were seen entering a vacation home in the area. Before their identity could be confirmed, two of the persons left the home and the police were forced to intervene. Both were arrested on Overleek in Medemblik.

Further investigation in collaboration with the German police revealed that they were not the RAF members, but simply German tourists. The police took them back to their holiday destination.

"Although the police stand behind the actions taken, we regret that innocent tourists fell victim to this misunderstanding", the statement reads.