Brexit could cost Netherlands €750 mil. in extra EU costs

The United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union could cost the Netherlands hundreds of millions of euros in extra EU contributions, according to Ghent professor Herman Mathijs in NOS. Britain contributed billions of euros to the European budget every year. But with the Brexit that contribution disappears and will have to be taken up by other EU countries.

The budget deficit left by the Brexit is estimated at a net of over 13 billion euros. "In the current system the Netherlands contributes about 5 percent to the budget", Matthijs explained to the broadcaster. "The British gap is more than 13 billion euros. If the Netherlands therefore has to pay slightly more than 5 percent you end up with an additional amount of around 750 million euros." Or about 40 euros per Dutch citizen per year to come.

According to the broadcaster, calculations by the French Senate reached similar figures.

Europe may also implement cutbacks to cover the hole left by the UK. But according to NOS, cutbacks proved difficult to maintain in the European Budget in the past.