Hot air balloon spotted over Amsterdam

Hot air balloon spotted over Amsterdam, 29 Aug 2016 (Photo: @Nazmi06/Twitter). (Hot air balloon spotted over Amsterdam, 29 Aug 2016 (Photo: @Nazmi06/Twitter))

A hot air balloon was spotted floating over Amsterdam on Monday night. Many an Amsterdam resident thought it a rare and nice enough sight to merit a picture and a post on social media. 

According to Christel Kruseman, owner of 4CB Ballonvaarten in Arnhem that organized the flight, it is a rare occasion that conditions are right for  hot air balloon to fly over Amsterdam. "The weather conditions must be perfect and that does not happen often", she said to Het Parool. "If all weather conditions are good, Schiphol air traffic still has to agree."

The ballooning company tries to organize three balloon flights over Amsterdam a year, but the last one was two years before Monday. "It shows how difficult it is to organize such a trip."

The balloon that flew over the city on Monday carried 19 passengers and a pilot.