Dutch football boss optimistic about leading UEFA

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Michael van Praag is optimistic about his chances in the elections for UEFA presidency. He expects that about half of the member states will vote for him, the KNVB leader said to ANP from Moldova, where he is lobbying for his candidacy.

"I currently count on 27 or 28 countries", Van Praag said to the news wire. If that is the case, Van Praag will be appointed the successor of Michel Platini on September 14th. "At least I am very close. I've spoken to around 40 federations, because at some meetings several members were present. And I still have countries to go."

Van Praag is running against Slovene Aleksander Cerefin and Spaniard Angel Maria Villar. He finds the Slovene at least a formidable competitor. "He's a good young candidate who advocates reforms. In fact, we all three want a bit of the same. I released my program first, maybe the took some points from me."