Govt. budget plans: Increase everyone's purchasing power

The government is finalizing the 2017 budget for Prinsjesdag this afternoon. They plan to have everyone see an increase in purchasing power next year, averaging at a 1 percent increase, sources confirmed to RTL. 

The Cabinet is digging deep into its wallet to make sure that even pensioners - both state pensioners and people with a supplementary pension - have some extra money left over. To accommodate elderly with high health care costs, the care allowance will likely increase.

People on the lowest income level will also see a rise in their purchasing power, according to RTL's sources. Those taking a job after spending some time on benefits will especially notice a difference in their wallets. The government hopes that this will also give job opportunities a boost.

The government is also looking to do something for single income households that are forced to be single earners due to a partner with a disability, for example. With this the coalition of VVD and PvdA is meeting the Christian parties' demands of last year a bit.

Previously the government already agreed on 1.2 billion euros additional spending. Half is going into the VVD's wish for more money in Defense and Security and Justice. The other half is meeting the PvdA's desire for more money committed to education and healthcare.