Community service demanded for lynching black footballer effigy

Kenneth Vermeer (Photo: Paulblank/Wikimedia Commons). (Kenneth Vermeer (Photo: Paulblank/Wikimedia Commons))

The Public Prosecutor demanded 80 hours of community service, half of which conditionally suspended, against the man who lynched a doll made to look like Feyenoord goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer during a match between Feyenoord and Ajax on February 7th, ANP reports. 

The court will rule in the case against the man, Ferdi T., on September 7th. The Prosecutor also demanded that he be banned from the Amsterdam ArenA for three years. Ajax already banned T. from the stadium for three years.

The man confessed to hanging the doll and said he thought it would be "fun". He added that he did not see the text "NSB" - referring to a a former fascist party in the Netherlands - written on the shirt the doll was wearing. The 27-year-old from Wageningen described his actions as impulsive and he can see why Vermeer felt threatened by it.

T. has a crime record that consists of multiple violent incidents, including involvement in fights across the Netherlands.