German cancer clinic: infusion error caused patients' deaths

A chemotherapy IV in a patient's hand (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Linda Bartlett). (A chemotherapy IV in a patient's hand (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Linda Bartlett))

The Klaus Ross Center, the German alternative cancer clinic under investigation since several patients died earlier this month, blames the death of three patients on an error made in making an infusion, founder Andre Hartel said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

The German and Dutch authorities launched an investigation early in August after three patients, two of whom Dutch, died after treatment at the clinic in Bracht. The police in both countries called on people who were treated at the center to report themselves due to an actual health risk and received dozens of calls, 18 from Dutch patients. According to German broadcaster WDR, the police are now investigating 70 deaths.

According to Hartel, natural-healer Klaus Ross made an fatal error while preparing an infusion of 3-BP for the three patients who died. 3-BP blocks cells from absorbing glucose, which means they get no more energy. Hartel told the newspaper that this is particularly true for cancer patients and that an overdose of 3-BP caused the death of the three patients early in August.

"For the first time early this month Ross made a 3BP infusion from powder. Before that he always worked with infusions from professional pharmacists, which had nothing wrong with it", Hartel said. "All the other patients were treated with ready-made infusions, so they do not need to be dug up."

The German police and judiciary want to excavate the remains of 70 deceased patients for investigation, if their families give permission. Hartel, whose been working with Ross for some time, thinks this unnecessary and says he will call the police about it.