Busy 2015 for Salvation Army; record number of people helped

Salvation Army (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/A.E.v.Kooten, Ermelo). (Salvation Army (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/A.E.v.Kooten, Ermelo))

Last year was a very busy year for the Salvation Army in the Netherlands. The organization helped a record number of 89 thousand people, 10 thousand more than in 2014, according to the Salvation Army's annual report, Het Parool reports. 

A massive 52,214 of the people who asked for help did so on a welfare or healthcare level. 15,963 people were given guidance from Youth Protection or Rehab. And the others needed clothes or something warm to eat.

A total of 6,077.496 meals were given, compared to 5,556,608 in 2014. And 1.7 million overnight stays were arranged.