Authorities investigate 70 deaths at German cancer clinic: report

A chemotherapy IV in a patient's hand (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Linda Bartlett). (A chemotherapy IV in a patient's hand (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Linda Bartlett))

The police are now investigating 70 deaths connected to alternative cancer clinic Klaus Ross in Germany. According to German broadcaster WDR, the police suspect these deaths may have been caused by treatment in the clinic.

The Klaus Ross clinic is located in the village Bracht, just over the border between Roermond and Venlo. The clinic is officially suspected of manslaughter or aggravated assault in three cases. Two of the victims were Dutch.

The clinic offers alternative treatment to many cancer patients who were told there's nothing else that can be done by mainstream doctors. It is therefore difficult to say whether the patients died of their disease or because of something the treatment did.

According to the German broadcaster, it may be necessary to exhume the bodies of deceased patients to investigate. Though the authorities have said nothing about this.