NS apologizes for kicking 80-year-old off train

NS Train (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Alf van Beem)NS Train (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Alf van Beem)

An 80-year-old woman received a boquet of flowers and a letter of apology from NS after she was put off a train last week, Omroep Gelderland reports.

The woman from Hardewijk was returning home after visiting her sister in Eindhoven. At the Den Dolder station a conductor checked the woman and noticed that she hadn't checked in. He asked her to leave the train.

The elderly lady, who thought that she had checked in, was left on the Den Dolder station, a station with no automatic amenities.

"My mother is a law abiding woman, she offered to get off at in Amersfoort, check in again and get on the next train. She was put out in den Dolder, a station with no amenities. Given her age, she thought she would be helped rather than be kicked off the train", her son Marco Willems said to the broadcaster.

The son reached out to NS on Twitter, trying to get an explanation. The railway company initially said that the conductor's actions were justified. But this caused such a storm of reactions that NS eventually decided to apologize.