Stray porpoise found dead at inland town of Krommenie

Porpoise in captivity (Photo: Wikipedia)Porpoise in captivity (Photo: Wikipedia)

A dead porpoise was found in the Nauernasche Vaart in Krommenie, Noord-Holland on Sunday. Foundation SOS Dolfijn believes that it is the same animal spotted in the Noord-Holland canals for the first time two weeks ago, ANP reports.

Employees of the foundation went to collect the dead animal and took it to the University of Utrecht for study, and to hopefully determine the cause of death.

The porpoise was first spotted in the canals of Den Helder two weeks ago. The animal was last seen alive in Krommenie on Tuesday.

Porpoises live in the North Sea, but sometimes end up in inland canals. According to a spokesperson for SOS Dolfijn, this is very stressful for the animal. Fresh water also casues skin problems in porpoises. "But whether that is the cause of death, we do not know. Hopefully we will learn more from the study."