Dutch soldiers told to borrow others’ helmets; Union angered

Dutch soldier in a training exercise (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gertrud Zach)Dutch soldier in a training exercise (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gertrud Zach)

Military union VBM is furious about the Ministry of Defense's procurement policy, which resulted in too few helmets being ordered for the new combat uniforms. This means that 18 thousand will have to borrow someone else's helmet when training or if they're sent on a mission on short notice, NOS reports.

The new combat uniforms will be delivered between 2019 and 2022.

The VBM calls this state of affairs ridiculous. "It would be just as crazy not to give everyone a weapon", a spokesperson said to the broadcaster. According to the union, this is an outright cutback which will end up costing extra money - a new logistics system will have to be set up for storing helmets.

Defense argues that not all soldiers need helmets, for example soldiers with a desk job.