Students want to study abroad, but costs are too high

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Many students who want to study abroad end up not going. According to a study by intercity student consultation ISO and the national students union LSVb, 70 percent of HBO students and 35 percent of WO students want to study abroad, but never go, NOS reports.

There are numerous reasons for students opting to stay in the Netherlands, despite wanting to study abroad. A big one is the high costs involved. "Because I borrow from DUO, I opted for 'safety'," one participating student said.

Students also complain that their curriculum does not offer enough space for an exchange program and they are afraid of delaying their studies by going. "If you go abroad for an internship, you stand a big chance of delay. I'm not going to wait for that", another student said.

Some 78 percent of students also indicated that universities and colleges can give better information about exchange programs. They would like some help in finding a good place to study abroad.

"There are still many obstacles for students to study abroad, while colleges and universities should be encouraging it, to prepare students for the international job market", Julia Verheul, deputy chairman of the LSVb, said according to NOS. It is a shame that lending fear stops students from going abroad, especially if you look at the experience and challenges students get from the time abroad."