Councilor could face community service for tweet calling Prosecutor a Nazi

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The Public Prosecutor demanded 40 hours of community service against Heerlen city councilor Christian Petermann for a post on Twitter in which he compares prosecutor Anja Janssen-De Boer to a Nazi, NOS reports.

The tweet was in response to the trial against Roermond politician Jos van Rey, on which Janssen-de Boer worked. Petermann compared her to Irma Grese, a notorious SS camp keeper who worked in Auschwitz, Ravensbruck and Bergen-Belsen.

Petermann tweeted: "This is disproportionate. I hope Anja Janssen-De Boer, or rather 'the Irma Grese of the Public Prosecutor', crashes tonight."

According to the Prosecutor, he also said in two newspaper interviews that "the misery caused by the Public Prosecutor is 27 times worse than that in the concentration camps". Petermann claims he was misquoted.

The Public Prosecutor wants Petermann to be sentenced to 40 hours of community service, half of which is conditionally suspended, and a fine of 500 euros to be paid to the Auschwitz Foundation.