Police call on German clinic patients to report in after several deaths

A chemotherapy IV in a patient's hand (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Linda Bartlett). (A chemotherapy IV in a patient's hand (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Linda Bartlett))

The Dutch and German authorities are calling on all people who received treatment at the Klaus Ross Cancer Clinic to report in due to a serious and concrete health risk, the Dutch police said in a statement. This follows the recent deaths of three of the clinic's patients. 

Both Dutch and German police are investigating what is going on at the clinic. The Dutch authorities joined the investigation after it became clear that many Dutch people visited the clinic for alternative cancer treatment.

According to the police, on Wednesday July 27th, five people were given treatment at the clinic. On Thursday, July 28th, one of them, a 55-year-old Belgian woman, died in Nijmegen. On Friday a 55-year-old man from Apeldoorn passed away. And on Saturday a 43-year-old . All of them were treated at the clinic on July 27th.

The police also knows of two Dutch woman who were treated at the clinic that are now in hospital. Though so far nothing is known about their age, place or residence or current condition.