Amsterdam’s LGBT Pride week still not fully accepted in Netherlands

Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade 2015 (Picture: Twitter/@Kwebbelkop)Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade 2015 (Picture: Twitter/@Kwebbelkop)

Even after 21 years of Gay Pride in Amsterdam, the annual two week-long LGBT festival is still not completely accepted by people living in the Nehterlands, according to a study done by Dutch brand consultant Hendrik Beerda, NOS reports.

This study into the reputation of 50 of the Netherlands most important events, is conducted every two years among 1,600 Dutch.

According to Beerda, this year's results show what many Dutch are very traditional, resulting in them not being open to the event dedicated to the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. "Especially lower educated men from outside the Randstad struggle for instance, to watch the Canal Parade", Beerda said to the broadcaster.

A big problem is that many Dutch have the wrong image of Gay Pride, he said. "They do not know that Gay Pride consists of two weeks full of events. They think only of the boat parade with naked torsos and kissing men."

Many Dutch also don't much like cultural festivals like Oerol. "The remarkable thing is that they can still sympathize with these festivals, even they know nothing of it. For Gay Pride there is just really no sympathy."

Beerda believes that the Dutch should learn more about Gay Pride and what it stands for. "Make clear that the program lasts for two weeks ad it is more than a celebration on the water."

The most popular events in the Netherlands, according to the study, are in order: SAIL Amsterdam, Pinkpop and Huishoudbeurs.