Rotterdam researchers: Obesity does not make you die faster

Obese Man (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/ParentingPatch)Obese Man (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/ParentingPatch)

On average overweight people reach about the same age as people with a healthy weight, according to a study done by researchers from Erasmus MC in Rotterdam along with doctors from America, the Volkskrant reports.

The research included an analysis of the life expectancy of about 6,500 people participating in a long term population study in Rotterdam. As most of this group consists of older, white people, the researchers warn that their findings may not hold true to other populations.

Nevertheless, the researchers are surprised by their findings. Even people with obesity and diabetes in the group had the same life expectancy than their neighbors with healthy weights.

Previous studies found that obese people on average die at a slightly younger age. The Erasmus MC researcher therefore believe that more research is necessary on this front.